People’s Republic of China’s Astrology Birth Chart and Why Coronavirus happens (Vedic Astrology)

I was just start learning Astrology when this Coronavirus happens and that’s why I wanted to practice my astrology knowledge to analyze this event that make everyone worried. So let’s talk about People’s Republic of China’s Birth Chart and Coronavirus in Astrology (specifically from Vedic Astrology point of view).

People’s Republic of China’s Birth Chart from AstroSage
People’s Republic of China’s Houses Placement

People’s Republic of China or PRC has their rising or lagna in Capricorn which is an earth sign. This is one of the reason why PRC was powerful in their economic activities. Capricorn was known as the most hard-working earth sign among Virgo and Taurus because its ruler was Saturn, the planet of hardwork. Capricorn is a sign that do not need appreciation to continue their hard work. They work hard for themselves because they have their own ambitions and will continue to work hard until they achieve what they want even though people don’t see them. As a person, Capricorn was portrayed as a calm and reserve person who always control their emotions, especially at work. This is why we can see that PRC always approach things with a reserved manner.

PRC’s Mahadasha(s)

Now Let’s talk about how PRC rise as an economic power from 2000 til now. PRC start its Saturn Mahadasha on 14th October 2000 after completing its Jupiter Mahadasha. From the houses placement, we can see that Saturn is the lord of its Rising/1st house and 2nd house. 1st house was known as the house of the self. It also the most important house since it is known as the new beginning of the self. When PRC start its Saturn Mahadasha, it’s like they’re starting new, making new image for themselves. But what makes PRC earn that title was their 2nd house. 2nd house was known as the House of Money. This is why PRC got their economic glory under their Saturn Mahadasha (which just ends on November 15th 2019) because Saturn was the ruler of their 2nd house. Being the 2nd lord’s ruler wasn’t the only reason why Saturn bless PRC, on PRC’s Dashamsa or D-10 chart, Saturn was the ruler of its 4th house, in Aquarius sign (which is Saturn’s own sign and PRC’s D-1 2nd house) and 4th house signifies home which is why PRC do well internally too.

Now, I want to explain why PRC got this misfortune called Coronavirus from the perspective of Astrology, esp. Vedic. If we see the timing of PRC’s Mahadasha, we can see that PRC just completed their Saturn Mahadasha and now entering their Mercury Mahadasha. PRC’s 6th house fall in the sign of Gemini whose ruler was Mercury. 6th house was known as the house of disease, debt, enemies, and sorrows (6th, 8th, and 12th house are known as the malefic houses in Astrology).

When they start their Mercury Mahadasha, they start to get this problem since PRC’s Mercury was in Retrograde. The Solar Eclipse that fall under Gemini (which is PRC’s 6th house sign) indicates that there will be problem that will affect everyone powerfully since this Solar Eclipse was the biggest eclipse of the year and 6 planets was in conjunction (Jup, Mer, Ketu, Sun, Saturn, and Moon). It is a problem too cause the only benefic planet among those 6 planets in conjunction was only Jupiter which is why Jupiter can’t help much.

PRC’s problem was not only caused by their 6th house. Mercury was not only the ruler of its 6th house but also its 9th house. We can see that in 9th house (Virgo), there are 3 planets that sits there, which are Sun, Mercury in Retrogression, and Ketu. The problem came since Mercury in Retrogression usually give problems because it’s not working like it supposed to be, but it is working oppositely from its normal state. Mercury is the planet of technology, intelligence, so the problem will come from either technological sector or inventions. Gemini was also an Air Sign, so the problem could come from the air and affect our lungs or nervous system (a reason why Corona was transmitted through air). Ketu being in conjunction with Mercury gives a mysterious disease (since Ketu is a mysterious planet) that can’t be identified where the root was from. Sun, as the 8th house of death, casualties, and sudden events, was also in conjunction with Mercury and Ketu which is why the disease suddenly pop out and caused casualties.

PRC’s Mercury Mahadasha-Mercury Antardasha

Right now, PRC enters their Mercury-Mercury-Ketu Dasha, Astrologically speaking, this could be a bad period since Ketu can adds more malefic effect to the disease since Ketu is a malefic planet that can suddenly cause someone to die. Maybe this will get better once PRC enters their Mercury-Mercury-Venus Dasha which starts on April 4th 2020 since Venus a benefic planet and PRC’s Venus falls in its own sign which could help to relieve the effect of the disease. Jupiter will also enter PRC’s 1st house on March 30th 2020 and could also help to relieve the effect too. Right now, Jupiter was still in Sagittarius, which is PRC’s 12th house of life cycles (endings), expenses, sudden loss, foreign country, misery, which actually contributes to the spreading effect of the disease to foreign country.

So that’s my brief analysis of how Coronavirus suddenly pop out from Vedic Astrology planet placements, house lord, and Mahadashas perspective. I am still learning this knowledge so maybe I will make another analysis from Hubei Province’s Birth Chart.

I love to write and I do it for fun. Mundane Astrology enthusiast.